Canaan Avionics is pleased to offer a complete avionics retrofit solution for your Citation Ultra or Bravo equipped with Honeywell Primus 1000.  We remove all of the existing flight instruments and radio tuners and install industry proven Garmin avionics.  Your aircraft will get completely new instrument panels, providing an OEM-look to the modification.  Our installation kit simplifies the installation process and reduces the aircraft down-time.  This modification reduces the weight of your aircraft by nearly 200 pounds, while increasing the over-all value.

  • ■  All Cathode-Ray-Tubes Removed
  • ■  Full ADS-B In/Out Compliance
  • ■  Graphical Weather and New Radar
  • ■  Pedestal Removed
  • ■  High-Mounted Attitude References
  • ■  Digital Radios and Audio
  • ■  Fully Coupled WAAS/LPV
  • ■  Digital AHRS (replaces gyros)

STC effectivity: Citation Ultra 560-0260 through 560-0538, Citation Encore 560-0539 through 560-0707, Citation Excel 560-5001 through 560-5372, Citation Bravo 550-0601 through 550-1136
  • G600 TXi  These 10.6" flight displays have proven to be the most cost-effective, versatile and upgradable cockpit suite on the market.  We knew we had to find a way to bring G600 TXi to Citation Ultras, Encores and Bravos.  Choose from a selection of TAWS, Traffic, Charts, FMS Maps, and NAV Radios on a composite display.  The high-resolution screens provide smooth and reliable air data, attitude and flight guidance of which the existing Primus CRT displays cannot compare.  Synthetic Vision is always included.
  • GTN 750  There is no better MFD on the market and your Citation will get two of them.  Packed inside these units are a high resolution touchscreen, WAAS LPV GPS Receiver, a NAV Receiver, 16 Watt High Power COM Radio and a TAWS Computer.  Besides displaying rich moving maps, the MFD’s can overlay TCAS/ADS-B traffic targets, electronic charts, graphical weather, and they display and control the new weather radar.  The GTN-750 MFD is Garmin’s masterpiece.
  • GWX 70  This Garmin Weather Radar is a significant upgrade to the existing Primus Radar, which is notoriously unreliable and unclear.  The GWX-70 provides full-color storm cell tracking and is displayed on the EFIS displays.  The Doppler-capable weather avoidance tool combines excellent range and adjustable scanning profiles with precision target definition.  With pilot-adjustable horizontal scan angles of up to 120°, you can easily focus scanning on the areas you want to watch.
  • GMA 350  Enjoy the latest noise canceling technology with Garmin’s digital audio system.  Use voice commands to control this audio panel’s advanced features such as distributed audio, automatic squelch, VOX control, and music.  Has an integral marker beacon receiver to complement the GTN radios.
  • GTX 3000  This 1090 Mhz transponder will surpass ADS-B mandates by providing both In and Out traffice data.  The GTX transponder (and the existing TCAS) are controlled through the GTN 750 MFD and traffic data is display on any flight display.
  • Standby Attitude Module (SAM)   is a self-contained reference module, with internal sensors, battery and display.  Provides reliable attitude, heading and air data references in the immediate view of each pilot.

Ease of Access:
This STC removes all avionics from the pedestal, shortening it to the original Citation Type-Certified configuration.  Pilots will once again be able to slide their feet in and out past the throttles, instead of having to climb over a bulky pedestal.
Canaan Avionics will install all avionics and all recommended options for this price.  Canaan Avionics can perform this operation at our facility, or even in your own hangar.

Contact us to schedule for retrofit today.