U1507 Micro Air Data Computer
The U1507 is an air data sensor that receives pitot and static pressures, analog AOA and skid, and analog temperature.  The sensor data is computed and concentrated onto ARINC 429 and CSDB data buses for data recording and display systems.  The MADC applies Static Source Error Correction (SSEC) tables to normalize static altitude and pressure data for the effects that temperature and aerodynaics of the ports have on pressure sensors.
The U1507 Micro Air Data computer was selected for use on C-130J aircraft by the US Air Force because of its small size and ability to concentrate analog Alpha, Beta and Discrete signals onto ARINC 429 databuses.
The Micro Air Data Computer features all of the signal IO of almost any legacy air data sensor. Consider the U1507 as a functional replacement for any of the following units:
  • Collins ADC-850 & ADC-85
  • Honeywell ADZ-850
  • Collins ADS-80 & ADC-81
  • Thommen AC32
  • Lear Air Data Units
  • IS&S ADM

Power Supply

The MADC Requires a single 18-35VDC (28VDC Nominal) power supply, and draws 0.3 amps nominally.

Analog Input Ports

The MADC has 3 analog ports which can be strapped to receive Alpha (Angle of Attack) and Beta (Slip) vanes. An external excitation of 3.3VDC is output from the MLDC to provide excitation for the two 500-1000 Ohm vanes. Scaling correction for potentiometer inputs is programmable.

Analog Output Ports

The MADC has 4 analog output ports which provide analog airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, and preselect error. An analog sensor hold signal works with discrete inputs to hold altitude, airspeed/mach, or vertical speed for analog autopilot interfaces.

Temp Probe

The MADC can be configured to work with both 50 Ohm and 500 Ohm temperature probes.


4.5 x 4.0 x 3.5"  at  2.18 pounds.  May be mounted in any orientation.


DO-160E, DO-178 Level B, TSO C-106 Pending


Description Label Weight LSB MSB Sign Units Program Strap Direction
Preselect Altitude 102 1 13 28 29 Feet Open/Gnd In
Baro Correction hPa (BCD) 234 1/10 11 27   hPa Open/Gnd In
Baro Correction inHg (BCD) 235 1/1000 11 28   inHg Open/Gnd In
Normalized AOA (alpha) 157 1/2048 12 28 29 Degrees Open/Gnd Out
Baro Standard Altitude 203 1 12 28 29 Feet Open Out
Baro-Corrected Altitude 204 1 12 28 29 Feet Open Out
Mach 205 1/16000 13 28   Mach Open Out
Computed Airspeed 206 1/16 14 28   Knots Open Out
True Airspeed 210 1/16 14 28   Knots Open Out
Total Air Temperature 211 1/4 18 28 29 Celcius Open/Gnd Out
Vertical Speed 212 16 18 28 29 Ft/Min Open Out
Saturated Air Temperature 213 1/4 18 28 29 Celcius Open Out
Static Pressure2 217 1/1024 13 28 29 PSI Gnd Out
Slip Angle (beta) 241 1/2048 12 28 29 Degrees Open/Gnd Out
Total Pressure1 242 1/1024 13 28 29 PSI Gnd Out
Impact Pressure 243 1/1024 13 28 29 InHg Open Out
ADC Status (Discrete Word) 350 - - - - - Open/Gnd Out

note: The U1507 supports several digital data output configurations which are selected via strapping. We can support additional ARINC 429 labels upon request.


Data Word Address
Altitude (29.92) & Altitude (baro) A0
Vertical Speed & Indicated airspeed (IAS) A1
True Airspeed (TAS) A2
Mach A3
Vertical Speed Bug & Indicated Airspped Bug A4
Static Air Temp (SAT) & Max Allowable Airspeed (Vmo/Mmo) A6
Total Air Temp (TAT) & Preselected Altitude A7
Max Allowable Mach (Mmo)& Baro Set  A8
Maintenance Word F3
CSDB data outputs are formatted in accordance with the Commerical Standard Data Bus Protocol, Rockwell Collins publication 523-0772774-00911.