U1713 Digital Interface Adapter

The U1713 is a configurable adapter unit specifically designed to integrate aircraft systems.  The unit has several ports (such as ARINC 429, discretes and analogs) that are HIRF and transient protected, and controlled by a 200MHz dual-core PowerPC processor.  These ports are easily configured in software to convert data types and/or perform protocol management.  Whatever signal is missing or formatted incorrectly for your aircraft integration, the U1713 is a turn-key solution.


DO-160E, DO-178 Level B

Power Supply

The U1713 has an isolated power supply with a 10-35VDC (28VDC nominal) input, and draws 0.04 amps nominally.  The power supply passes +3.3VDC and +/-5VDC reference signals out to the connector for use by sensors that need external excitation, such as thermocouples and potentiometers.

ARINC 429 Ports

The 429 ports can be configured to transceive any label, at high and low speed.  The U1713 supports BNR, BCD and DISC labels.  Protocols that build on A429, such as ARINC 615, can be supported.   [2 Transmit, 4 Receive]

Commercial Standard Data Bus (CDSB) and RS-422 Ports

The ports can be independently configured as CSDB or RS-422 (and RS-485) data transceivers.  The U1713 supports both low and high speed CSDB standards, and RS-422 of any data rate.   [2 Transmit, 2 Receive]

RS-232 Serial Data

Each serial port can be configured for any baud rate and word length.   [2 Ports]

Avionics Standard Communications Bus (ASCB)

The U1713 has four transformer-coupled data bus ports that can be configured for ASCB (version A, B or C), or for Honeywell Radio System Bus (RSB) or Inter Communication Bus (ICB).   [4 Transceiver]

Discrete IO

Darlington Transistor controlled discrete outputs provide powerful Ground/Open and 28V/Open signals.  The U1713 also accepts Ground/Open and 28V/Open inputs.   [16 Outputs, 16 Inputs]

Ethernet TCP/UDP

The U1713 supports a Ethernet and a full TCP stack in a partition.  The unit can be configured for any IP, or UDP port required.   [1 Transceiver]

Analog Signals

Analog outputs are driven by a differential operation amplifier, and voltages are controlled via a PWM channel and referenced to chassis ground.  Isolated analog inputs are connected to a very sensitive 24-bit ADC controller, which makes them capable for use in thermocouple applications.  Otherwise the analog input can be used for things like precision flight control position applications.   [4 Outputs, 3 Inputs]


Provisions for an ARINC 629 port are included.  Base drivers for ARINC 629 are in development.   [1 End System]

Non-Volatile Memory

An optional memory daughter board allows the U1713 to store formatted data onto removable SD memory cards for data-logger and other applications.


5.7 x 3.9 x 1.1"  at  0.45 pounds.  May be mounted in any orientation.  Mating connector is M24308/2-15.

The U1713 has DO-160 qualification for most aerospace environments, and pre-certified software drivers for the various ports.  Canaan Avionics can take your integration requirements and create a minor software revision for your particular integration need.  If you don't have requirements, or supporting data such as Inter-Connect Definition (ICD), then we can help you get that information through surveys, our archives, or good ol' fashioned reverse-engineering.

Application Notes:

  • Remove Honeywell AH-600 AHRS, install Litef LCR-100 AHRS [more info]
  • Convert GTN-750 ARINC 429 to ASCB to replace Honeywell FMZ-2000 [more info]
  • Remove Garmin GMA-350 or GMA-1347 audio panels, install PS Engineering audio system (and tactical radios) in a G1000 cockpit [more info]
  • Convert discrete signals to and from ARINC 429
  • Aerial Firefighting Drop Controller [more info]
  • Provide analog hold signals to a legacy autopilot from a new digital Air Data Computer
  • Convert analog fuel flow to RS-232 or other digital formats
  • Aggregate digital and analog data onto Ethernet (or SD Card) for flight testing or trend monitoring systems