aviation certification

Use Canaan Avionics to supplement your engineering team. We produce -your- data for -you-. Canaan Avionics can be a cost-effective, temporary part of your team for:

  • concepts & certification planning
  • design documents (wiring diagrams, sheet metal drawings, installation drawings, modeling)
  • test plans (GTP/ATP)
  • qualification testing (such as DO-160G)
  • Type Certificates

reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering in aviation is the process of using an existing system (such as an aircraft) to independently derive design and requirements for the purpose of reproducing functionality or integrating third-party products. This is done sometimes due to obsolescence issues, or sometimes so that an intellectual property firewall can be established (meaning proof that an idea or concept was independently designed, not copied). The work product of reverse engineering is a well-documented report of the steps taken, digital artifacts (such as databus recordings), findings, requirements and white papers.

custom avionics

Canaan works with OEM's and other avionics companies to provide bespoke solutions. We've made custom adapters, autothrottle controllers, ARINC 664 end systems, software-controlled annunciators, environmental controllers, control systems, indicators, panels. Canaan can provide you first articles for certification and qualification, we support production runs, or can just give you designs if that is all your project needs.


Canaan Avionics programs embedded software for safety-critical applications, but we also program enterprise solutions for businesses. See CARMA for example.