U1808 FMC Interface Card

The Canaan Avionics U1808 FMC Interface Card enables Pro Line 4 and 21 operators the ability to remove their Collins FMS and install Universal FMS systems, such as the UNS-1Fw and UNS-1Ew units.  The cards add ports to the Rockwell Collins Integrated Card Cage (ICC) enabling an external FMS to interface with the Pro Line flight display system, seamlessly.  U1808 cards also unlock all of the FANS-1/A+ and CPDLC solutions that interface with Universal FMS’s, such as UASC Unilink 801.

Canaan Avionics is teamed with Chicago Jet Group who is developing the first STC’s on Gulfstream 200’s and Falcon 50/2000 airframes.  CJG is marketing this system as NextGen ProLink.  More information can be found here .