A Free ARINC 429 Data Reader

This is a free ARINC 429 data reader that works with Canvas, which comes with Canaan Avionics ARINC 429 Interconnect Definition (ICD) files so that you will be able to read data and display it in engineering units. Canvas is Canaan Avionics software for displaying ARINC 429, ASCB, CSDB, Analogs and other aivionics signals, and it works with Matt's business card to provide ARINC 429 diagnostics.

To get Matt's Business card, which can read ARINC 429 data, contact us though email here. Be sure to keep "U2303" in the subject so that an email goes to the right place. Also, provide a short description of your company, your address, and data-reading needs so that we can properly prioritize mailing card out to you.


  1. Download and install the latest version of Canvas, which interfaces with this data reader.
  2. Connect the data reader to your PC using a micro USB cable. The card should be detected as a COM port, which can be verified by opening the Device Manager and observing a new COM port.
  3. Open Canvas and ensure that the Business Card is shown as a selectable device to connect to.
  4. Connect an ARINC 429 data bus. The card has two holes with an A-B indication on the silkscreen for the A429 A-leg and B-leg of the bus. Clipper leads can be used, or the wires can just be twisted into the holes, or leads can even be soldered into the card itself.
  5. When the A429 data is connected, the LED on the reader should flicker, indicating that the device is receiving data.
  6. In Canvas, select the ICD button and chose an *.icd file to decode the ARINC 429 into Engineering Units. Contact Canaan Avionics if you have a need for custom A429 definition.