We design and install comprehensive avionics solutions for corporate and military aircraft.  We specialize in unique cockpit upgrades which bring your aircraft into the NextGen such as WAAS/LPV, ADS-B and CPDLC.  We have aircraft modernization and sustainment solutions not found elsewhere.
Install a Universal FMS into any Pro Line 4/21 aircraft.
The U1808 FMC Interface Card enables UNS FMS interface with legacy Pro Line 21 and 4 aircraft. These cards unlock industry leading CPDLC, ADS-B and FANS 1/A+ solutions from Universal Avionics. Canaan Avionics is teamed with Chicago Jet Group for STC development on all Pro Line platforms.
The little happy box :) that can convert almost any aircraft signal
The U1713 Digital Interface Adapter connects many different ports (ARINC 429, CSDB, Analogs, and Discretes) to a powerful processor designed for safety critical applications.
Canaan Avionics completes AFDX analyzer for General Electric
GE Intelligent platforms offers a comprehensive data analyzer for ARINC 664 (AFDX), ARINC 629, ARINC 825 (CAN bus), and ARINC 429 protocols, called BusTools. Canaan Avionics is proud to be a software supplier for GE, and a developer of back-end driver integration and front-end WPF applications. Their next-generation data analyzer being offered to Boeing, Airbus, and suppliers such as Rockwell Collins and Honeywell Aerospace. Update 10.2017: GE Intelligent Platforms was recently acquired by Abaco Systems.
Canaan Avionics builds Air Data Computers for US Air Force C-130J's
Canaan Avionics U1507 air data computers were selected for the US Air Force C-130J program. The U1507 Micro Air Data Computer is the smallest digital computer with ARINC 429, CSDB, and Analog reference capabilities.
Do you have a Citation, Ultra, Excel or Encore?
Canaan Avionics is announcing a NextGen Primus 1000 Retrofit. Learn how to get WAAS/LPV, ADS-B In/Out, Graphical Weather and Charts by clicking here!
Get FREE ARINC 429 data reader software here.
Whether you are an avionics technician, engineer or aircraft mechanic, you'll need to read ARINC 429 data. Download our FREE software which enables you to troubleshoot your aircraft.

Canaan Avionics: WhitePaper for Aerial Firefighting
Read the white paper to the USFS which describes the Multi-Link Drop Computer concept for aerial firefighting. This computer provides ad hoc communication, tactical coordination and NAV guidance for aerial drops. The goal of this system is make aerial firefighting more efficient and effective, and to increase situational awareness in water-bomber cockpits.

Canaan Avionics' drop computer solution was featured in Fire Aviation [here]

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