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ARINC 429 Server

The U2004 is an ARINC 429 Server is a real-time module that hosts ARINC 429 traffic for both flight line and lab use. The server comes with software that enables the display of ARINC 429 traffic, but also a coding interface and Dll that enables avionics emulation with 100% fidelity. The server even has screw terminals enabling the connection of any wire, regardless if it has pa pin crimped onto it out not.

Free ARINC 429 Data Reader - Matt's Business Card

Get Matt’s Business Card which can read avionics ARINC 429 data buses through USB. This is a fully featured data reader used for troubleshooting and integrated avionics systems.

U1808 FMS Interface Card STC'd on Gulfstream G200 Aircraft

Chicago Jet Group STC'd the U1808 on G200 aircraft. The Rockell Collins FMC-6000 FMS was replaced by Universal UNS-1Fw, providing WAAS/LPV, FANS-1/A+ and CPDLC through the Uni-Link 801. An Iridium satellite Datalink provides a safety-critical datalink communication, meeting and surpassing FAA and EASA mandates.

The U1808 is adapts any Proline 4/21 aircraft to use an external FMS. The U1808 is available on more aircraft and new projects are pending.

NOTE: The Canaan Avionics solution is how you can get TAWS Mode 5 warnings for EASA compliance, as some OEM solutions are not in compliance.

Canaan announces Carma as a DOORS alternative

DO-178C and ARP-4754 processes require structural coverage of requirements. IBM DOORS has long been the industry leader in requirements tracing, and is priced according. Adopting a tool to trace your artifacts might dictate how business is done for a long time. CARMA was created to use the tools you already have, such as Word, Excell, text editors, etc.

CARMA will soon have a beta-release.

Find the correct Crimp Tool and Pins for connectors

Use this on-line application to find the correct tooling for mil-spec connectors. Find pins by color codes, or connector series.